The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 14 wraps up with the live finale airing tomorrow night on Spike TV at 8pm. The show will feature TUF bantamweight and featherweight title fights, plus a bout between the 2 coaches…Michael Bisping and Jason Miller. Below are my thoughts and predictions.

This season of TUF featured, for the first time ever, bantamweights (135lbs) and featherweights (145lbs)…and provided some of the best fights in the show’s history. If you missed this season, then you really missed out. I would highly recommend trying to catch this season if/when you can.

Let’s start with the main event of the night, the fight between the coaches…Michael Bisping and Jason Miller. Both fighters are middleweights (185lbs.)


Michael “The Count” Bisping (22-3-0) is a former TUF champion himself and a former TUF coach. He has a ton of experience fighting in the UFC and has fought some really tough opponents. He suffered a brutal knockout at the hands of Dan Henderson a couple years ago (watch it below)…but has seemed to bounce back. He is a really well rounded fighter, and I have always been a fan. But he’s been pretty much a prick this entire season and has lost a little favor with me.


Jason “Mayhem” Miller (24-7-0 1 NC) has been around MMA for a long, both in and out of the UFC. He has a lot of fights under his belt, but not necessarily against the toughest opponents. Miller is great at submissions, but is overall is pretty well rounded. He is a tough guy to knock out and is in great shape. I’ve always liked his easy going attitude, and I really enjoyed him coaching guys this season. I became an even bigger fan for sure.

My prediction: Although I really like Miller and WANT him to win this fight…I’m just not sure if he’s at the same level as Bisping. Both guys have great cardio, so going the distance shouldn’t be a problem for either. My pick is Michael Bisping by decision.

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Now on to the bantamweight finalists…John Dodson vs. T.J. Dillashaw.

John Dodson was dubbed the “traitor” from Team Miller this season. Early on he became friends with members of Team Bisping and began to leak info about upcoming fight picks. He is the smallest guy in the house, but he has big power and tons of energy.

T.J. Dillashaw is perhaps the most well rounded fighter on the show. He trains with Urijah Faber and Team Alpha Male, and those guys are insane about training. But T.J. has had an easy road to the finals and has fought some of the weaker fighters on the show.

My prediction: Both fighters looked really impressive on the show, and this should be a really close and exciting fight. I think I’m giving a slight advantage to Dillashaw…and I’m guessing he will win by submission.

And finally on to the featherweight finalists…Dennis Bermudez vs. Diego Brandao.

Dennis Bermudez is uber-athletic…maybe the most athletic on the show. He is a great wrestler/grappler with good submission skills, and he has a seemingly endless gas tank. He has proven he’s got a great chin and a ton of heart.

Diego Brandao is just a beast! A number of folks on the show (including his coach) have said they are scared of him. Brandao has just destroyed every opponent he’s faced this season…and he knows how to finish a fight! My only concern is his conditioning. He fights at such a high pace, and has never gone past the first round. How will his cardio hold up if the fight goes to the third round?

My prediction: This is a really tough fight to call…and this one may also be “fight of the night” material. It’s really hard to pick against Brandao, I have to assume he is the favorite. But I think I’m going to pick Bermudez to win this fight. I’m going to say Bermudez wins by decision.

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