Here's some pretty cool Tri-State news to share with you. Nathan Maness, of Henderson, just signed a deal with the biggest Mixed Martial Arts company in the world, UFC!

We often hear about the coronavirus and things like that in the news nowadays, but something like this is huge (and it's on a positive note)! Not just for Nathan, but for the Tri-State. We will have someone proudly representing us in the UFC, and I know that I don't just speak for myself when I say that we will be proud to cheer him on and follow his success in the UFC. This is the big leagues, folks!

Nathan has been competing for the past 10 years. He has trained at Tag MMA in Morganfield, Kentucky and Nice Guy Submission in Evansville. Throughout his fighting career, Nathan holds a 10-0 amateur record, and an 11-1 professional fighting record. He has won 5 amateur titles and 3 professional titles.

Upon entering the UFC, Nathan will be competing in the 135 pound Bantamweight division among several of the UFC's best such as Jose AldoJimmie Rivera, and Bantamweight champion, Peter Yan. I know that Nathan can't wait to hear his name announced by the great Bruce Buffer!

Here's the cool thing, Nathan will still be training here in the Tri-State for his UFC debut. Nathan's UFC debut will be in  two weeks, on  August 1st. His challenger will be a former title contender, Ray Borg.

You can see Nathan's post announcing that he has signed with the UFC below:

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