Is if she's nude, or being tossed about while locked in a porta potty!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has been through a lot in her sometimes-rocky career, though nothing as rough as the "Poo Cocktail Supreme" (we think).

That's exactly what she agreed to in this newly released deleted scene from 'Jackass 3-D,' which aired on Tuesday night's episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

In the clip -- which, according to guest and 'Jackass' star Johnny Knoxville, was left on the cutting room floor due to time constraints -- Spears agrees to sit in a Porta-Potty, only to have it shoot up in the air on a bungee cord.

Parts of the clip feel a bit staged; Spears was also conveniently performing on the 'Live!' episode, plus, 'Crossroads' aside, who would ever want to cut a star like Britney from their movie?

Still, it's a pretty funny clip -- and worth watching, if only to see Britney fly around in a Porta-Potty.

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