Bobby’s Review of Jackass 3-D
So call it coincidence, call it irony, or don't call it anything at all...but last night I received a copy of Jackass 3-D in the mail (thanks Netflix), after hearing the news that Jackass cast member Ryan Dunn had been killed in a car accident early Monday morning.
‘Jackass’ Star Ryan Dunn Killed in Car Crash
34-year-old Ryan Dunn, one of the many faces of MTV’s popular prank franchise ‘Jackass,’ was killed in a car accident early Monday morning, TMZ has confirmed. According to the report, the accident occurred at around 3AM at Route 322 and New Street in West Goshen Township. Dunn was in the vehicle with an unidentified person – who was also killed – though no word yet on who was actually driving the
Firework Fail Or Epic Win? [VIDEO]
Now let me start with a disclaimer. Just cause some guy on the radio says this stuff is sort of funny, doesn't mean you should do it. So if you somehow light your rectum on fire, T-Rav is not at fault. However, these are pretty funny. Enjoy some good firework fails (or, wins...
The Only Ways You’ll Ever See Britney On Our Website…
Is if she's nude, or being tossed about while locked in a porta potty! Britney Spears has been through a lot in her sometimes-rocky career, though nothing as rough as the "Poo Cocktail Supreme" (we think). That's exactly what she agreed to in this newly released deleted scene from 'Jackass 3-D,' which aired on Tuesday night's episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

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