I couldn't resist quoting the title of that hair band classic by Europe in my headline, but finally the path is cleared an our city can begin moving forward. The last hurdle came yesterday when a judge shot down a lawsuit filed by local businessman Alan Brill.

The lawsuit, asked for a re-study on the property's best use.

Really? Enough is enough.

The judge says Brill failed to present evidence that the Park Board's decisions were unsupported, unlawful or arbitrary. Instead, the ruling says the board's decisions was, "supported by substantial evidence, a thorough and extensive public process undertaken in good faith and consistent with applicable law."

Mayor Winnecke says Brill filed the lawsuit after his idea to turn Roberts Stadium into an exposition center wasn't chosen. "I would consider the city's resources wasted as a result of this lawsuit. I think it was a frivolous lawsuit," says Mayor Winnecke. "The fact that Mister Brill's idea wasn't chosen -- he obviously took great issue with."

Mayor Winnecke says the city is not slowing down its efforts to build Roberts Park on the stadium's footprint. "I would still like to see that stadium start to come down sometime this fall," says Mayor Winnecke. The parks board is currently reviewing bids for the demolition of the stadium.

I don't know Alan Brill personally, but at one time he owned one of the stations in our Evansville group, as well as a couple of other local stations that we do not own. Brill Media also operated a number of stations in various small and medium markets in the U.S.

Due to the fact that I work with numerous people who worked for Brill Media back in the day, I hear about many valid reasons why that company went bankrupt.

That's my commentary on the entire subject.

Let's tear down that old stadium and begin progressing toward the future. That's something that the old guard in Evansville apparently has a hard time with.

Change can be good!

By the way, to the folks who spent money and effort on the sign pictured above...Roberts is not possessive.  It's not Robert's Stadium...not anymore anyway!

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