Alright Evansville, I have a bone to pick with you. Ever since the Ford Center opened in downtown, I have heard nothing but complaints about parking around the building. 

Then yesterday I saw this story about the re-opening of the Popeye's Chicken on First Avenue. Cars were lined up to get food at the place, causing a slight traffic headache.

So my question is this. You can't walk a few more feet to the Ford Center, but you can line up for an hour wait to get some fried chicken? Are you FREAKING kidding me?

Believe it or not, parking is no problem in Downtown Evansville. You just have to be creative. I actually measured the distances and it seems that the walk in the Robert's lot is a few hundred feet shorter and doesn't have the obstacles. But that doesn't mean there is a parking problem downtown.

I remember missing out on a few closing acts at the old stadium because I didn't want to deal with traffic when leaving the lot. I high tailed it out of there with 30 minutes to go, so I wouldn't have to wait an hour to leave the Robert's lot.

I work nights at GBF and that means I see people leaving downtown from the Ford Center all the time. The traffic is only bad for 10 to 15 minutes, but the men and women with the Evansville Police Department help to keep traffic flowing.

Robert's had ONE EXIT, while downtown has MANY! So you're willing to sit in Roberts Stadium parking lot, but you can't handle the walk from the Ford Center?

My point is this; if people in this town can wait an hour for fried chicken, they can handle the few extra feet to walk from the Ford Center to their car.

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So burn some calories and stop your whining! We can't be the fattest town in America forever. If you find yourself missing Roberts, grab some fried chicken and enjoy the sites while you walk to the Ford Center.

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