All of us dream of a lavish lifestyle that can be gotten through hard work and dedication. I'm just kidding, you might as well go in to crime. For one man, he lived a lavish lifestyle paid for by stolen office supplies. 

Yes, you read that right. While some criminals peddle stolen firearms, electronics, drugs, or jewelry, Marque Gumbs of New York City began selling stolen printer toner. The hospital clerk would order the toner on the hospital account and then sell them out the back.

The toner cartridges would be purchased for $100-$200 apiece, and Gumbs would sell them for $10. It seems like one heck of a bargain, considering that printer ink costs more per milliliter than Dom Perignon.

But even with a steep discount Gumbs was able to afford a rather lavish lifestyle. He vacationed in Mexico and Las Vegas, drove a BMW, and shopped at high end retailers like Burberry.

Gumbs had ripped off the hospital he worked at for around $1.5 Million since 2007. He was eventually caught when someone finally noticed all the toner coming in for printers the hospital didn't own.

He is looking at 2 - 7 years in prison after pleading guilty. On top of that he was forced to surrender property that he purchased with his "black market office supply" business. That included laptops, his BMW, and four Louis Vuitton bags (I bet those bags were given to girlfriends, that had to be an awkward call).

Who knew the office supply game could be so lucrative. Forget drugs, sell printer toner!


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