She's probably not the best fortune teller if she didn't see this one coming. But one Louisiana psychic is behind bars after swindling a client out of $9000. 

An unidentified victim began seeing "fortune teller" April Stevens in July 2012. That is when the victim learned that she was cursed. Which is always good news when you live in Louisiana.

After performing ceremonies and tricks, Stevens managed to convince the woman to give her a large sum of cash. $9000 in pure evil green backs, that the supposed psychic promised to 'cleanse'. Maybe a Scrooge McDuck money vault would've been a safer cleaning method.

At some poorly timed point the victim realized she was being swindled. That is when Stevens was arrested and booked in jail.

And because people in Louisiana believe their expensive items are cursed, this is not the first psychic to be arrested for promising to 'cleanse' items.

Of course we all know that donated Goodwill items are possessed by demons(but that Atari I have was a steal at $25). Thanks Macklemore.

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