One Seattle woman had her car broken into, but decided to let justice take a different path after finding the thief's phone.

Eliza Webb had her car broken in to and several items stolen. Upon discovering the scene, Webb also noticed that the thief had left his phone behind. Using her super sleuth powers, or just looking up "mom" in the contact, she managed to explain to the person what happened. The mother got her son to confess to his crimes, which he said he had stolen from several people during a "drunken night".

Webb works with teenagers and didn't want to see the teen who robbed her face legal consequences. Plus we all know our constitutional rights, which my parents always said was suspended in our household (after a lengthy fight that should have started a law career).

Instead she asked the teen's mom to make him return all the items he stole to each person. I'm almost certain that mom handed out her own form of punishment as well.

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