Woman Call Thief’s Mom After Being Robbed
One Seattle woman had her car broken into, but decided to let justice take a different path after finding the thief's phone.
Eliza Webb had her car broken in to and several items stolen. Upon discovering the scene, Webb also noticed that the thief had left his phone behind...
Invent A Way To End Robocalls, FTC Will Give You $50,000
"You may have already won!" Gotten this call yet? Well you have been contacted by the 21st Century's latest wonder, the Robocall. Its so annoying that the Federal Trade Commission wants to give you cash to stop it.
The FTC Robocall Challenge is about to get underway to help sto…
Girl Leaves Drunk Voicemail on the Wrong Guy’s Phone
Beyond the morning-after hangover, one of the cornerstones of a night of heavy drinking is the inevitable drunk dial.
Just ask poor YouTube user mixtapevolumeone, who received a rather devastating phone call from an unknown (read: inebriated) love interest, who claimed she "hit it off right …