As someone who loves a good road trip, I have encountered some really bad drivers during my travels. In a recent study conducted by Consumer Affairs, the driving conditions in cities all across the United States were analyzed to determine the locations with the worst drivers. Four Tennessee cities landed in the top 20.

How The List was Created


Using data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, including factors like fatal crashes, fatalities caused by bad driving, driving under the influence, and speeding, a "crash score" was calculated to rank these cities.


#5 St. Louis, MO

St. Louis, Missouri, secures the fifth position, with over one-third of fatal crashes attributed to speeding and the highest percentage of fatal accidents involving drivers with a positive blood alcohol content.+

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#4 Macon. GA

Georgia's Macon takes the fourth spot with a rate of fatal crashes caused by bad driving double the national average and a high rate of pedestrian fatalities.


#3 Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, New Mexico, sits in the number three position with high rates of total fatal crashes, fatal crashes caused by bad driving, pedestrian fatalities, and accidents linked to speeding.

#2 Baton Rouge, LA

The second city on the list with the worst drivers is Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Baton Rouge has the highest rate of fatal accidents involving drunk drivers, with more than double the national average.


#1 Memphis, TN

Among the top five cities with the worst drivers, Tennessee's Memphis claims the lead position with the most fatal crashes caused by bad driving. A staggering 203 fatal crashes occurred in Memphis alone, surpassing major cities like Chicago and New York City. This means that approximately 1% of all fatal car crashes caused by bad driving happened in Memphis.

Analyzing the crash score, which reflects the severity of driving conditions, Memphis scores 86.6. This score takes into account factors such as fatal crashes caused by bad driving per 100,000 population, total car crash fatalities, pedestrian fatalities, fatalities due to positive blood alcohol content, and the percentage of fatal accidents linked to speeding.


More Than Memphis on the List

Memphis isn't the only Tennessee city on the list of bad drivers, though. Several others also rank high on the list. In the top 20 are Knoxville at 12th, Clarksville at 17th, and Chattanooga at 19th. Additionally, Nashville also makes the list coming in at 59th.

The rankings reflect the importance of prioritizing road safety and responsible driving not only in these cities but across the entire United States. Understanding the factors contributing to these rankings, such as aggressive driving, careless driving, and driving under the influence, can help communities and authorities take the necessary steps to improve driving conditions and reduce accidents.

[Source: Consumer Affairs]

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