This prank/video was put together in an attempt to further promote the release of the new Carrie remake (coming out on October 18th). And it obviously worked, because here I am sharing it with you and, in turn, promoting the release of the movie.

I guess simply running a bunch of commercials for the movie, and having your star do the late night talk show circuit are things of the past. That's alright with me though. Folks are getting more and more creative with how they promote their products. In this case, to help promote a movie about a girl with telekinetic powers, this very elaborate prank was set up - and man is it pulled off to perfection.

Here's the very brief setup - a young lady in a coffee shop becomes angry after someone spills coffee on her. Next thing you know, her "real" telekinetic powers kick in and things start moving. It is really well executed, and I think it achieves the desired affect.

So, how would you react? Do you think that you would know right away that it was all fake? Would your instinct kick in and tell you to get outta that coffee shop?