The ULTIMATE Thanksgiving Feast
For quite a while now, the guys from Epic Meal Time have been putting together a wide variety of un-Godly concoctions. And for this Thanksgiving, the have gone way beyond anything you could possibly imagine. How 'bout a meal that has 802,420 calories?
The ‘Ol Pregnant Turkey Prank
Apparently this is a somewhat popular prank... although I've never heard of it. It seems pretty simple (and clever) too. You just take a Cornish game hen, which looks like a little chicken or turkey, and stick it inside your turkey before you cook it.
It’s Thanksgiving!
And just in case you were feeling a little guilty about eating that bird that deliciously sits on the table... don't be.
These suckers want nothing more than to slowly "chase" you down the street while you hold a camera.  They think everyone is with TMZ.