If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a meal on Thanksgiving Day, we have you covered with our list of Evansville area restaurants that will be open on Thanksgiving Day.

Who Eats Out on Thanksgiving?

There are all kinds of reasons why someone might choose to eat on Thanksgiving Day. Perhaps the idea of cooking a turkey and making a big holiday meal at home is completely overwhelming, or maybe you just prefer to let someone else do the cooking (and the dishes). Whatever the reason, plenty of people will be looking for a place to eat on Thanksgiving Day.

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Benefits of Eating Out

Aside from avoiding the hours of preparation and cleanup, along with the need for safe handling practices, there are some other benefits to going out to eat on Thanksgiving. For those who live alone or who don't have any family of their own, going out to eat can provide a sense of community. Going out to eat also offers the opportunity for those who are working the holiday to make some money. Let's face it. A server isn't going to earn any tip money if they don't have people in seats at tables. And before you give me the argument about how they "shouldn't have to work" the holiday... I can tell you from my own previous experiences as a server, that many of them choose to work on Thanksgiving because of the opportunity to make extra money.

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Where to Eat Out on Thanksgiving Day

So you've decided you want to go out to eat on Thanksgiving but you need to know which restaurants are open. Don't worry. We've got you covered. Below is a list of restaurants in and around Evansville that will be open on Thanksgiving Day.

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**Note: This is not an exhaustive list but these restaurants will reportedly be open on Thanksgiving day, whether for lunch, dinner, or both. If you work in a restaurant that you would like added to the list, feel free to email kat@103gbfrocks.com and let us know.

Evansville Restaurants Open Thanksgiving Day 2023

Not everyone has the time or energy to cook an elaborate Thanksgiving meal. Others may just prefer to leave the cooking and the cleanup to someone else. Whatever the reason you choose to eat out on Thanksgiving, these Evansville restaurants will be open and ready to serve you.

Gallery Credit: Kat Mykals


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