It was announced by the owner today via Facebook that the Taco Tierra location on Green River Road will be closing due to "health issues." Walt Blake said that he is unable to deliver the "level of service that I know is necessary for the customers and brands..."

Kat Mykals

In a second post, Walt clarified that it is not his own health that is in question but rather Michael - his son:

Kat Mykals

Someone hand me a tissue because I am not taking this news well! To some Taco Tierra is just another restaurant on Green River Road. To me it's a piece of my childhood. Now granted, the Green River Road location hasn't been around since I was a kid, but the original Taco Tierra has been. In fact, it opened in my hometown the year before I was born. Yes Taco Tierra has been around in the Tristate since 1977 and yes I really am that old! I have been eating Sanchos and drinking fountain Mountain Dew for as long as I can remember and if I am being honest, I lived on it all through high school - most of us did. We also used to hang out in the parking lot when we'd get tired of cruising main street but that was in the mid-90s and people still did that.

When I moved to Evansville a number of years ago, I was incredibly excited that Taco Tierra was opening it's doors. It meant that the meals of my youth could be enjoyed without making the hour drive to Mount Carmel. I still love a Taco Mountain Dew - it really is different than any other fountain Mountain Dew around. They used crushed ice that melts super slow and I honestly believe they turn the syrup up on the fountain too. If you've ever been there you know that there is no order box for the drive through. The employees come out and take your order at your car window. I've been told that Walt felt like it made the service more personal - even when it was raining and even when it was cold, the employees would come out to take your order. And sometimes, when Walt was in town, he would take the drive through orders and he would always ask how your food and service had been for you lately. Speaking of Walt, the rumor when I was a kid is that the face on the Taco Tierra logo is actually a characture of Walt that his son, Mike drew.

It's true. I need a tissue. I am going to miss having this place just down the road.

Here are my favorite menu items:

Sancho - medium sauce

Beef & Bean Burrito Supreme - no onion with medium sauce

Large Nacho Supreme - no onions

Chicken Chee-z (Often eaten along side the nachos so I could dip it in the nacho cheese sauce & sour cream)

And of course, the Jumbo Mountain Dew

I am going to have to make a couple of trips through the drive through before they close to hold me over until the next time I am back in my Hometown.