Back in April of last year, I wrote about the rumors of Taco Bell test marketing a new taco shell. Knowing their customers knack for late night munchies, they combined the best of fast food and junk food to bring you the Doritos Loco.

On March 8th the Doritos Loco will make its appearance in Taco Bell restaurants from coast to coast. The same company that put Flaming Hot Fritos in a burrito, thought 'What the hell lets make the damn shell out of chips!'

To Taco Bell, the Doritos Loco could be its savior. Last year the company faced a lawsuit questioning the quality of the meat inside the tacos. Taco Bell saw a 2% slump in sales at its stores. Maybe a Doritos taco shell could change that.

Lets just say when junk food and fast food make sweet-sweet love, people will spend the money.

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