Summer is comin' in HOT! Seriously, it can't get here fast enough. One thing I LOVE is hanging out by the pool. The only time in my life when I had my very own pool was when I was in college and lived in an apartment. I had to share it with 150 of my closest neighbors. I bartended so I'd use it on weekdays and left it for the kids on weekends. Some of my happiest summers.

A few years ago, we built our home with the intention of putting in a pool. But as things go, we haven't gotten that far yet. I do have a good friend with a beautiful saltwater pool that he hardly ever uses. He works a lot and has given us the garage code with an open invitation to use it whenever we want. Since he's a single guy, I try to clean up his kitchen while I'm there in retribution for his generosity. It's a pretty sweet deal since private pool memberships are some cheddar and change!

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I haven't forgotten my desire to go back to the dog days of summer though - and once again be a proud pool owner. Sometimes I go through zillow and find homes with pools and daydream. Here are some fun ones I found today. These are subject to change at any time (price, status, etc.) so don't fall in love too fast! And be sure to check out the latest listings of local homes with pools in the Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky area.

Homes for Sale Around Evansville Indiana with Pools

Ever dream of having a home with your very own pool? Summer 2021 is coming up and we found several area homes that feature a beautiful pool and they are all for sale! *Prices and availability subject to change!

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