One of my most memorable station events of the last 10 years has to be Ski Day on the Ohio. It was a day we dreaded, but by the end of the event we always had a blast. 

When I started as an intern, I had often heard about Ski Day from my other coworkers here at GBF. It was usually met with grumbles and a sigh. Don't get me wrong, it is a fun event. But "fun events" are rarely fun to the people working them. Its like bringing doughnuts to the office, and everyone getting one before you do.

My first Ski Day was a learning experience on bringing enough water, beer, and sunscreen. It was always a crazy day with a lot of exposed body parts and fights.

By the time we got to the last Ski Day, it was relatively tame. I think there was one fight, but that was squashed pretty quickly. We didn't realize it would be the last Ski Day when we boarded the boats at the end of the day, instead we were busy talking about next year's event.

With a change in county ordinances in Henderson County, Ski Day came to an end. However, the memories of this station event inspired me to purchase my own boat.

Having been on the Ohio for several summers "post ski day", I can say the event survives in some degree every weekend between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Sure its not the "Mardi Gras and Spring Break in a blender" event, but getting together with other boaters and enjoying a few brews on the Ohio River banks brings back a lot of memories.

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