With Halloween right around the corner, and for one spooky-themed shop in Owensboro, Kentucky that specializes in costumes and props, the time to celebrate is now!

Ghostly Productions

Ghostly Productions provides their customers with tons of costumes, masks, and props perfect to make your Halloween tons of fun. In addition to the mass-produced pieces they have available, they also offer "custom screen accurate" products like masks and props. They even offer custom-made pieces if you're looking for something especially odd or unusual.

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Kickoff to Halloween

Since Halloween is clearly the favorite holiday at Ghostly Productions, it only makes sense that they would host a kick-off event and in true "go big or go home" fashion, they will be giving fans the chance to meet the man who plays the role of the larger-than-life lunatic, Michael Myers, in Rob Zombie's HalloweenTyler Mane.

Who Is Tyler Mane

Tyler Mane truly is a larger-than-life actor, measuring at 6 feet, 8 inches tall, making him the perfect fit to fill the shoes of Halloween horror legend Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's 2007 remake of Halloween. Although the role of Michael Myers was not Mane's only work with Zombie - Mane also appears alongside Shari Moon Zombie, Bill Moseley, and the late Sid Haig in The Devil's Rejects in the uncredited role of Rufus Firefly. According to TylerMane.com.

His acting debut began in 2000, when he starred as Sabretooth in Marvel Studio’s X-MEN. Additional film credits include PLAYING WITH FIRE, TROY, JOE DIRT, THE SCORPION KING, Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, where he starred as Michael Myers, and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, to name a few. On the television front, his credits include HBO and Hallmark’s mini-series HERCULES, HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER, MONK, SON OF THE BEACH, PARTY OF FIVE, THE LIBRARIANS, and MY BOYS!


Premiere of MGM's "Halloween" - Afterparty
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Meet Tyler Mane

According to both their website and an event created on Facebook, Ghostly Productions will be hosting a Kickoff to Halloween event at their location at 203 West 4th Street in Owensboro, Kentucky that will include the opportunity for you to meet Tyler Mane. According to their website,

Tyler Mane will be signing autographs, taking selfies, and meeting with fans. We will also have vendor tables set up at the event to kick off the Halloween season. All presale tickets will be entered into a drawing for a free Rob Zombie Halloween mask.

Spike TV's "Scream 2007" - Show
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Get additional details on the event as they become available by checking out the Facebook event page here.

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