Just a week ago, the world's population reached 7 Billion. That trend is continuing upwards thanks to the effort of the Duggar family, now that they are expecting child number 20. 

Michelle and Jim-Bob Duggar (that is really his name) announced they are expecting child number 20 this morning on the Today Show. Michelle is 45 and faced severe complications with the birth of her last child two years ago.

That ordeal was covered in the Duggar's show, 19 Kids and Counting, which is on the TLC network. The family maintains that they have no issues with their large family. They insist they aren't in debt, nor do they depend on the government for support.

According to the article in People magazine, Michelle says she is doing a lot to take care of herself during this pregnancy. Including watching her diet, taking naps (with 20 kids, good luck), and seeing a special high-risk pregnancy doctor.

Michelle is also planning to have a C-Section with this birth. Which is good. Cause I figure at this point, the kids just materialize down there like Stargate.

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