So last night was the season premiere of My Strange Addiction on TLC. Last season brought us people who eat toilet paper, like to dress in animal costumes, and eat couch cushions. Based on last night's episode, this season won't disappoint. 

The season 2 opener featured many 'unique' addictions. I use the word 'unique' lightly, cause I want to say f****** weird, but that's not nice.

Charmissa eats dryer sheets. She describes the taste as sweet and tangy, 'you know like when you get soap in your mouth in the shower' as she tells it on the show. She can't handle the dryer sheet alone, so she makes a toilet paper 'chaser' by wrapping it around the sheet. She attributes the habit to watching her mentally challenged mother eat tissue paper. They always got to include that one sad fact, to make you feel guilty for judging her addicition.

Turns out there are over a dozen chemicals in dryer sheets, most of which can cause cancer, brain damage, etc. I guess if it doesn't stop people from smoking (me included), its not going to stop Charmissa.

Then there is Riley, who likes to live as an Adult Baby. Riley is a transgender who was picked on as a child, so he attributes that to his addiction. By the end of the episode, Riley admits to not ever giving up her being a baby. However, one quote must be transcribed just so it enters the record, "The comfort of a warm wet diaper is important to me". And for hilarity, when I was watching this video on the TLC website I got an ad for Pampers. Advertising Companies, you know your business.

Theresa likes to sniff gasoline. She keeps several bottles around the house, and one in her purse. She also likes gasoline at the gas station because 'its fresh'. Personally I have never cared about the freshness of my gas. Theresa also suffers from memory loss, which she attributes to her habit. After TLC subjects her to a brain scan by her doctor, she is shown to have no adverse health effects. Although the doctor advised against continuing.

The last case on the show that night, I found sort of sad. Krista likes treat her stuffed bears like children. Even going as far as changing their outfits and pushing them on the swings in the park. Well once again TLC plays Debbie Downer, and informs us she can't have children. Oh and by the way, she's a recovering drug addict. I ended up feeling sorry for her. T Rav has compassion, who knew?

That's all for that episode of My Strange Addiction. I'll be back next week to let you know what you're missing on TV.

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