We featured Sash back in early December 2011. The customer service and tech support rep is back to remind you about her love of being naked and of being controlled. Try to control yourself as you peruse her pics below.

Location: Los Angeles

Occupation: SG Customer Service/Tech Support and model.

Stats: 32DDD

Body mods: Nose piercing, tongue, belly button, and 7 ear piercings, 2 sleeves, a tramp stamp, and various other tattooed parts.


Heroes: Bettie Page and Charles Manson.

Gets me hot: Bondage, someone that can take control and knows what to do.

Favorite position: Doggy or guy on top.

Fantasy: I love being tied up or handcuffed… a little aggression is always welcome.

Into: Movies, sex, being naked, Lucky Strikes, and more sex.


Hobbies: Taking my clothes off.

Vices: Smoking and sex.

Bands: Fiona Apple, The Black Keys, Rob Zombie, Radiohead, Lil Wayne, A Perfect Circle, KISS.

Books: Fight Club and Invisible Monsters.


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