NFL training camps are opening up, which means the chase for the Vince Lombardi Trophy is heating up like a brat at a Packers tailgate.

The hunt for Super Bowl XLVII — that’s Super Bowl 47, for you Roman numeral-impaired folks — is officially on and the storylines for a new season are so plentiful and compelling they could be written into a Quentin Tarantino flick.

Now that training camp has begun, here’s a look at some of the more interesting comments we bet have been said:

1. “Mental note: don’t wear my hoodie this year when we go to Florida to play the Dolphins.” – Bill Belichick

2. “I’ll give $10,000 to anyone who breaks Roger Goodell’s legs.” – Any member of the New Orleans Saints

3. “We won’t have enough guys for a scrimmage until the judge sets bail.” – Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz

4. ‘I’m excited to learn more about this backup the team acquired – Tom Rebow…Terry Lebow…Tony Hobo…I forget his name.” – Marc Sanchez

5. “We beat Tom Brady and the Patriots for a second in the Super Bowl in five years and the media is still more interested in the other football team in New York. What more do I have to do?” – Eli Manning

6. “I haven’t even played one game yet and I’m already fed up reading all the bad puns about my name.” – Andrew Luck

7. “Yes, I wear Superman socks and am laid-back like Clark Kent, but I’m amazed no one has said anything about me never being in the same room as Andre 3000 at the same time.” — Robert Griffin III

8. “Can this team please move back to Baltimore?” Every Cleveland Browns fan

9. “Forget overcoming my injury. Having to continue answering whether I’m jealous of Eli winning more Super Bowls than me is the real pain in my neck.” — Peyton Manning

10. “Sure, I’ve won fewer playoff games than Eli Manning has Super Bowls, but, come on — I dated Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson.” – Tony Romo

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