You gotta love PBS (not to be confused with PBR), and you absolutely gots to love Bob Ross. In case you youngsters don't know the name, he's the "afro painting guy"...and PBS recently gave him the auto-tune treatment.

Robert Norman "Bob" Ross was the host of "The Joy of Painting" on PBS. He was the most mellow dude you could find anywhere on TV. And the dude could paint the most beautiful scenic pictures, full of "happy little clouds" and "happy little clouds". Sadly, Mr. Ross passed away from lymphoma back in 1995. But you can still see episodes of "The Joy of Painting" on PBS. In fact, Bob Ross might be more well known now than when he was alive.

PBS is paying tribute to some of their more notable icons as a way to promote their content and to hopefully increase membership. PBS really does rock. They've got some great shows. If you can't find anything else to watch, take a minute and check out might actually (God forbid) learn something.

Unlike most of the videos I post, this isn't funny or's just a really cool tribute to a guy that I think is really, really cool. It makes me smile.

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