As the world attempts to adjust to a new normal since the coronavirus pandemic took over, drive-in concerts are something the entertainment industry is experimenting with. While some artists are willing to do just about anything to put on a show, Machine Head's Robb Flynn doesn't quite fall into that category.

Without naming the particular artist, Flynn recently explained to Kerrang! that he watched a drive-in show, and he wasn't pleased. "It was the stupidest fucking shit I’ve ever seen," he declared.

"If cover bands want to do that shit, it’s cool. They should have fun. But the whole point of a Machine Head show is having those 5,000 people screaming every word, pressed against the barrier, getting sweaty and piling into giant circle pits – just that cathartic release of energy."

The frontman added that if drive-in concerts are the only way for him to play, he'll wait until there are more options. But he doesn't think that's going to be for at least a couple of years.

“I don’t know if things will ever go back to ‘normal’ again,” he continued. "I think this pandemic could go on for at least two years – coming in waves, getting better in summer and worse as we go back into flu season – then it could take another two years for people to get over that shell-shock of having been locked down for so long."

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