It's not uncommon for photos to be used as reference for a tattoo, but a rather surprising choice was recently inked on a Machine Head fan. The subject of the tattoo is none other than frontman Robb Flynn, who was captured in a photo sitting on the toilet.

In the photo, Flynn is seated on the commode while sporting a Judas Priest T-shirt and strategically placing his arm across his bare legs. And to showcase the actual tattoo talent, Flynn posts both the tattoo followed by a slide of the original photo.

Flynn revealed the unique tattoo via social media, shouting out the photo's original photographer Paul Harries in the process. "Hey @paulharries look! That picture you took of me on the toilet at the Brixton Academy has been immortalized," wrote the Machine Head singer. "Shout out to Tracy Travis for uh… er… getting a tattoo of the photo I never knew I wanted to see as a tattoo… thanks I guess."

In the comments for the post, Flynn would go on to reveal that "crazy fan girl" Tracy Travis is the one currently sporting the tattoo, while giving a shoutout to tattoo artist Hayley Moran of the Haylo Healing Arts Lounge for the tattoo replication.

Flynn also commented, "I just love it & laugh my ass off everyday. Clearly I don’t take too many things very serious. What you can’t see is it’s pointing right at my ass." Travis also received a request in the comments section to film the tattoo for usage in a Roadrunner Records documentary.

These days, Flynn is finding another way to be immortalized, completing another album full of new music. Machine Head's Of Kingdom and Crown will be issued on Aug. 26. Pre-orders are available here.

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