There are a lot of commercials that have me wondering what in the heck the advertising exec was thinking. Any 'feminine hygiene product' commercial, for instance. But the latest ad from Ragu really has me wondering "Where were they going with this."

Unlike other commercial fails, this one plays off of typical things that happen during childhood. Saying that any childhood trauma can be solved by enjoying some pasta with their sauce. Nothing like teaching your child to drown their sorrows in food.

The young 'Chubby Cuppycakes' in this commercial just walked in on his parents doing 'something'. Of course you don't find out what, but you can tell by the look on his face it isn't good. So instead of spending money on installing a lock on their bedroom door, or teaching their child not to enter without knocking, they decide to let him eat some spaghetti.

I'm not sure where Ragu is going with this campaign, but I'm glad Prego didn't think of it first. Talk about an awkward twist. And once again if I ever meet the guy who invented DVR, he's getting a serious 'bro hug' from me.

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