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Racer is almost a year old and weighs 45 pounds. He is going to be a great companion for someone! Here's what PC Pound Puppies have to say about Mason:

I had the opportunity to foster Racer temporarily and he is a super sweet lovable goofball! If you want an active dog who will go with on your morning run or walk and then cuddle up with you to watch TV, Racer is your dog!
He is very gentle, so careful when he takes treats or toys from your hand. He loves fetch and is so full of life. The only reason I couldn't make him part of my family permanently is that he doesn't do well with cats. If you have no cats, you should meet Racer.
Positives about Racer:

He is very gentle, very careful taking food, treats or toys from your hand.
Loves fetch and is good at dropping a ball when he comes back to you
He loves his crate and sleeps in his crate at night, he was starting to learn that 'crate up' means go into your crate. Feeding him inside the crate helped a lot with training him that the crate is a good/happy place.
Very careful to go potty only outside, no accidents at all!
Loves cuddles and pets and belly rubs, gives kisses once he trusts you.
Not afraid of storms or loud noises, he didn't make a peep during that crazy storm we had last week.
Doesn't react to doorbells.
He's great at sitting when you say SIT (unless really distracted).
Very smart and learns quickly. Food motivated and affection motivated. He learned to sit because he realized that if he sat quietly next to someone, they would pet him.
Loves chewing on a Kong toy, didn't have any issues chewing anything else but we also had everything else put up so he didn't have much opportunity for mischief lol.
He loves people, all kinds of people!
He has fairly good recall, we took him out on a long (20 foot) leash a couple times and he came to whoever was calling him (calling his name, saying come here in a positive/happy voice, patting legs, etc) unless he was distracted by a bird or a dog.

Fill out an adoption application here. See more adoptable dogs from PC Pound Puppies here and be sure to follow them on Facebook for the latest news and upcoming events. You can also attend their weekly adoption events on Sundays from noon to 3pm at the Pet Food Center on First Avenue in Evansville.

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