In a heartfelt plea for support, NewLife Rescue & Adoption (formerly PC Pound Puppies and Posey Humane Society) located in Mount Vernon, Indiana, is facing a critical situation and appealing to the community for assistance.

The rescue is in dire need of help to care for 21 cats recently brought in, including two mother cats with newborn kittens and 15 others of various ages. The organization, dedicated to giving animals a new lease on life, was already at capacity on cats and urgently requires aid to ensure the well-being of these new feline residents.

NewLife Adoption & Rescue
Remember how we said we were completely full on cats?? Today we had a case where 21 cats HAD to be brought in to us. A mom with 5 newborn babies, and about 15 others a variety of ages.. We had NO empty kennels. We scraped up what we could and made it work. We are in desperate need of help.

So how can you help? There are actually a number of ways that you can support NewLife Adoption and Rescue as they provide care for these 21 wayward kitties.

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Cat Kennels

The rescue is currently grappling with a shortage of cat kennels, as the recent influx has left them without enough space. They are seeking generous contributions from the community to help acquire additional cat kennels to accommodate the growing number of cats. If you can lend a hand, consider purchasing one of these kennels on Amazon and having it delivered to the rescue located at 6500 Leonard Road, Mount Vernon, IN 47620.

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Kitten Food

The recent arrivals are in dire need of proper nutrition, as many are malnourished, sick, and flea-ridden. Donations of kitten dry and wet food would go a long way in nursing these cats back to health. Your support will ensure that they receive the nourishment they require. You can again order through Amazon, drop off a donation, or send a monetary donation (details below.)

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Medical Expenses

The rescue is also struggling to cover the costs of medications to treat respiratory illnesses among the cats. Donations to cover expenses for medications like Clavamox are greatly appreciated, as each surrendered cat requires extensive care, vaccinations, microchipping, and spaying/neutering.


Cat Litter

The organization is in need of clumping cat litter, a crucial necessity for maintaining a clean and healthy environment for the cats. Your contribution can help them secure enough cat litter to sustain their efforts in caring for these animals.

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With only one dedicated individual responsible for the care of all these cats, the rescue is in dire need of volunteers. Tasks include cleaning kennels, feeding, administering medications, and attending to various other needs. Even an hour of your time can make a significant difference.



Particularly crucial for the mother cat and her newborn kittens, the lives of these babies depend on finding a foster home. If you have the capacity to provide a nurturing temporary home, consider becoming a foster parent to these cats in need. You can contact NewLife Rescue & Adoption through their website to foster.

Monetary Donations

The NewLife Rescue & Adoption team expresses profound gratitude to the community for their unwavering support. Every contribution, whether in the form of supplies, time, or care, plays a vital role in rescuing these cats from dire circumstances and offering them a chance at a better life. Your generosity ensures that these animals receive the care they need to heal, thrive, and eventually find loving forever homes. To offer your support, you can contribute to their Venmo account @Newlife-RescueandAdoption, indicating "21 cats" to direct your donation to this urgent cause. Your compassion can make a world of difference for these deserving feline companions.

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