I realize that we put a lot of silly stuff on this website. Sometimes we even try and trick you and make you think it's serious, only to find out that it really is silly. WELL THIS IS VERY SERIOUS, AND NOT A JOKE.

This little boy is Chase, he is 2 years old and just found out he has a form of brain cancer called medulloblastoma. Chase recently had brain surgery and is about to begin 6-8 months of chemotherapy. Please take a minute to read his story and find out how you can help.

My name is Chase Eaden. I am a mere 2 years old and just found out that I have medulloblastoma (a form of brain cancer). I have had an extremely eventful week, my mom took me to the dr for what she thought might had been an ear infection but ended up being something much worse.....CANCER. We were told I had a tumor behind my ear on my brain and that we needed to head to Riley's Children's hospital in Indianapolis for further testing. So now just over a week later I have had the brain surgery that I needed to remove the tumor. I will be starting my 6-8 months of chemo soon, but not without a quick trip home for a welcome home/ early birthday party (since I will probably still be going through chemo when my birthday rolls around in August), and then it's back to what is unfortunately going to be my second home for a while. I have lots of people that care a great deal about me and love me to pieces. So please keep me in your prayers and my mommy too I know she is scared but is putting on her brave face to make me feel better. My family will be doing their best to keep everyone informed on my progress. So thanks in advance from me and my family for all kind words, thoughts and prayers, and any donations made, every prayer and every penny helps at this point.

There has been an account set up at Old National Bank for anyone who would like to donate money. The account is under Chase Eaden. Kim’s (Chase's mom) friends and family will be doing fundraisers too.

Gatti Town in Evansville has donated a party to Chase tonight at 6 pm! He will be starting chemo soon and will not be able to be around other kids for the next 6 to 8 months. You are invited to come out and make donations for Chase and Kim.