As many of you know, I am engaged and have been trying to plan a wedding! If you have planned a wedding you know it is very expensive and very time consuming, as well as very stressful! As I have been going to bridal shows and talking with people about wedding stuff and for the wedding photography. Pictures are a biggie for me,  I want to be able to capture every moment on our special day!My awesome digital managing editor here at the radio station, sends me emails about wedding things and is giving me ideas for my wedding. (I have NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING! haha.) I have never planned a wedding or been involved in the planning, I usually show up for the party, of course! Ashley sent me an email with this link and told me to check it out. It is an app that you pay for,  you and your guest can take pictures at your wedding, engagement party, bridal shower, reception, rehearsal dinner, and your bachorlette party.


For only $99, you can have anyone download the app and snap pictures at any of these events. The pictures go on to a photo album that you can then do whatever you want with. As I have been pricing photographers they are outrageously priced they want up to $3000 for the day! WHAT?!??!?!?!??! My budget is very small, and I just don't have a lot of money to spend on everything but the pictures are something that I will not go without! This would be a very good idea for many just the reception all my guest could take pictures with their phones or digital cameras and upload them straight to my wedding photo album! That will cut the cost on how long I would need my photographer. Check out the website HERE!

Is technology really advancing so much that we don't need actual professionals taking our wedding pictures?? I am in awe on what you can do now without people!

What are you thoughts?!?   Would you do this rather than a photographer?!?!


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