Before you head out to snap photos, make sure you aren't breaking any laws when you get the perfect shot.

Trespassing is Illegal - Even If It's For a Photo

Whether you are scouting the perfect location for some family photos, or you just plan to snap some pictures for Instagram, you'll want to be sure you avoid breaking the law. It's pretty obvious to avoid walking into a stranger's yard or sitting on their porch to snap pics. Without their permission, you would be trespassing, and that is illegal.

Don't Take Photos At These Tennessee Locations

Residential properties aren't the only locations that are off-limits. There is one place in particular that you may not realize is a no-no when it comes to taking pictures in Tennessee.

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The Tennessee Department of Transportation Office of Rail and Safety says you should never walk along railroad tracks or pose for photographs on railroad tracks as it is private property and considered trespassing.

The goal of the Rail Safety and Inspection Office is to reduce and eliminate dangerous/hazardous conditions for railroad employees and the public.  TDOT inspectors are certified by the FRA and are authorized to issue notices of violations to railroads when necessary. The department’s railroad inspectors are also charged with enforcing Tennessee state laws pertaining to railroads. According to state law, railroads are responsible for maintaining at-grade rail-highway crossings in good condition.  Tennessee law requires railroads to maintain the crossing surfaces where roads and rails intersect at-grade, and overseeing freight and commuter rail.
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What Is The Punishment for Criminal Trespass in Tennessee

According to the Law Office of Bernie McEvoy, the act of criminal trespass is a Class C misdemeanor that is punishable with a $50 fine and up to 30 days in jail.

Criminal trespass is generally considered a property crime. A person commits criminal trespass in Tennessee if they enter or retain on property, or any portion of the property, without the consent of the owner. Unlike burglary, criminal trespass does not require that the offender intended to commit a felony, theft, or assault upon entering the property. To get a conviction, the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant knowingly entered or remained on property that belonged to someone else, and that the defendant did not have the owner’s consent to enter or remain on the property.

Not Only Are Photos on Train Tracks Illegal They Could Be Deadly

Railroad company, Union Pacific warns that taking photos or video on train tracks is not only illegal but also dangerous.

But whether it’s a silly selfie or a photo with friends, taking pictures on train tracks is more than illegal – it can be deadly. Walking on train tracks is always dangerous and avoidable. Picture this: It’s a clear, quiet day and you find yourself in a scenic area on a railroad track. Think you’ll hear or see an approaching train? Think again. Most of a train’s sound is behind it, so you might not hear it until it’s too late. <strong>Always </strong>put your safety first and expect a train at all times.

Before you head onto a train track to take a photo, remember, it is not only illegal but also dangerous.

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