Feeling a little down after the Super Bowl? Then you're going to be excited to hear about another Championship game happening this weekend in Japan!

Take a trip to the last decade when everyone was wired on Mountain Dew and swearing that no one has a need for that ridiculous "smartphone" Apple is introducing (I sort of miss being able to snap my phone closed when I'm mad at someone). This weekend is the Konami Arcade Championship Finals taking place over in Japan.

Many events are being streamed live on YouTube for you to enjoy right here in good ol' 'MURICA! The event that has everyone talking (and I'm counting a few people on Facebook as everyone) is the Dance Dance Revolution championship. In another time I would have absolutely dominated this game, but I'm nowhere as good at the first contestant up from North America.

After years of competing in local DDR championships, North Americans were officially invited to take part in the championship in Japan. It only took a decade! Chris "iamchris4life" Chike is first up from North America. Chris has accomplished some unbelievable things in music gaming. He was the first in the world to earn a 100 percent score on a level 17 (out of 19) DDR song and, way back in 2008, the first in the world to hit 100 percent of the notes in Guitar Hero 3's infamous ‘Through The Fire And Flames’ on expert difficulty.

Chris probably would have been revered as a God by college students 10 years ago.

If you want to check out the championship, expect a time shift (they are in Japan after all). The final championship showdown is expected to take place tonight around 11 PM Central Time. Or you can watch other people playing DDR by watching the video below.

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