Do you get nervous when you see that a business you know and love is moving? You know - that initial panic where you wonder if they are staying near by or moving - moving!

That was my first thought when I saw that Evansville's own High Score Saloon is planning to move. I was initially sad because I didn't want to see them leave our downtown area. They are a great asset to our local downtown community.

If you're unfamiliar with High Score Saloon, it's what some might call a "bar-cade," meaning that it is both an adult, 21 and over establishment and an arcade full of colorful video games and pinball machines. It is the brainchild of two friends, Jared and Clint and is the product of countless hours of blood, sweat and tears put in by the dynamic duo.

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Not only does High Score Saloon offer a place to enjoy an adult beverage, hang with friends and play your favorite video games and pinball machines but they believe in giving back. Their servant's hearts are what truly set these two apart. From hosting regular fundraisers for various charity organizations to help raise money to wipe out school lunch debt for students of the EVSC, these guys are always looking for creative ways to give back to their community.

It has really been a pleasure to have the opportunity to watch them not only grow but thrive in Downtown Evansville. In a post to social media, Clint & Jared announced that High Score Saloon will soon be moving to a new, larger location.

We relished in the idea of being the Cinderella story; the ones who lifted the curse on the basement that couldn’t quite make it. To both of us: it has a deep seeded, special place in our hearts.
Growth is difficult. Saying goodbye to our beloved, benevolent, below grade bungalow will be difficult. It gave us so much over the last four years. It was a home to so many who didn’t feel at home anywhere else.

Where is that new, larger location, exactly? According to Evansville 411, the new location is just a few doors down from their original basement abode, at 309 Main Street.

The new location will be located next to Angelo's and Entwined Wine & Cocktail Bar on Main Street. High Score Saloon is currently located at 323 Main Street

I can speak for all of us here at 103 GBF when I say congratulation Jared & Clint on your growth and success and we cannot wait to visit your new space in 2022! If you want to pay them a visit, but would like to bring the kids, be sure you check out High Score Player Two.

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