Adults love High Score Saloon, because we can relive our youth with arcade games like  Mortal Kombat and Frogger, along with adult beverages, and soon our kids will have a new spot to play video games. High Score shared the hashtag #HighScorePlayerTwo2020 on their FB page, which led to many questions.

The answer -  High Score Saloon will be opening a place for kids to enjoy the classics, consoles & pinball for an affordable all day rate. They tell me that that they are looking to be open by spring 2020, and the second location will be on Evansville's Westside, adjacent to a school.

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High Score keeps plenty of our favorite, classic arcade games and pinball machines in rotation. Here is their current list:

•Hydro Thunder *linked
•Hydro Thunder *linked
•Cruis’n USA *linked
•Cruis’n USA *linked
•Terminator 2: Judgment Day
•Area 51: Site 4.
•Mortal Kombat 4
•Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
•Killer Instinct
•Donkey Kong Jr Cocktail
•Street Fighter II
•Ice Cold Beer
•Donkey Kong
•Double Dragon
•The Simpson’s
•X-Men 4 player.
•Ms. Pac-Man Cocktail
•Centipede Cocktail
•Galaga Cocktail
•Neo Geo 4 Slot
•NBA Hangtime
•Marvel vs Capcom 2

•Stern Stranger Things Pro
•Stern Star Wars Pro
•The Simpsons Pinball Party
•Attack From Mars SE
•Stern Deadpool Pro
•Space Shuttle
•Fish Tales
•Jurassic Park(DE)
•Judge Dredd

Console stations:
•Nintendo Switch
•NES w/ light gun.


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