Covid-19 has forced all of our favorite non-profits to have to take a step back and think outside of the box when it comes to raising funds to keep their operations going. Our friends at PC Pound Puppies are no different. In fact, most of the local animal rescues are down in donations 70-80% across the board due to the coronavirus.

PC Pound Puppies have been hard at work trying to get creative so they can fundraise while maintaining social distancing and safety for their supporters and volunteers. That's why they've decided to make Pedaling for Pups a virtual event and they've added a 5K for Kanines! The P4P and 5K4K9s will take place anytime that is convenient for you to participate between November 1, 2020 and December 1, 2020. According to their Eventbrite:

Ride and Run at your own leisure and help us save some tails!

You will go out on your own and log your miles either cycling or running with Strava or any other type of tracking software, then snap your ride or your run and post it on our FP event page!

NOTE: You are riding or running at your own risk and PCPP or any volunteers there of are not responsible for you.

So what does it cost to take part in the virtual event and help support PC Pound Puppies? Registration for the virtual ride or walk is just $15. If you'd like to buy one of the t-shirts, those are an additional $16-$19. If you don't really run or bike but you'd still like to donate, you can do that too! You can even sign up as a sponsor of the event, starting at $50, to get your business name or logo included on the t-shirts. All of the funds go to help PC Pound Puppies continue taking care of the homeless dogs in Posey County. Register for the event, make a donation or sign up as a sponsor on the official Eventbrite page and then be sure you're following the official Facebook page for the event. There is still time for you to register and take part in the virtual event. In fact, you have until December 1, 2020! You can even join the special Facebook group to share photos of your ride, walk or run!

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