Five months in and the voting is over. I have the winners of the coveted 'T Rav's Parent of the Year" award for 2011. It goes to the parents who decide to record this Youtube Video.

In the video you see what appears to the be the daughter of the morons behind the camera. With her is a dead squirrel. Yeah, what the hell? Instead of telling their child to get away from the disease infested body, they giggle like the idiots they are.

At one point, during the child's delight with dead furry animal, one of the parents realizes that its time to put the dead animal away. Reminding us the finer points of hygiene with a "time for a bath."

Congrats to the parents who grab the video camera, instead of knocking a dead animal out of their child's hand. You are Parents of the Year.

(Viral Viral Videos)