Any way you look at it, Wendell Foster is one of the most important non-profit organizations in Owensboro. I'm not sure if much of Evansville and the rest of the Tri-State know about them though, and that's a shame, because they have been doing great things in Kentucky for over 70 years. The mission at Wendell Foster is "Empowering People with Disabilities."

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Doug Hoyt is the CEO of Wendell Foster, and he joined me on the MY Morning Show today to talk about the organization and a special fundraising event they have underway right now. I can tell you it didn't take long to hear passion that Doug has for Wendell Foster and for helping people. Listen to our conversation below and you too will be impressed by what they do each year. You will also recognize the huge need they have when it comes to fundraising this year. Just like every other non-profit, Wendell Foster had to cancel their biggest, signature event in 2020 - an event that brings in over $100,00 each year. As a way to try and fill that hole they're in, Wendell Foster is hosting a fundraising raffle that is a win-win, for them and for the public.

Their 50/50 Holiday Raffle is a half-pot jack pot, simply put. You buy a ticket (or hopefully many, many tickets) and you could win half of the pot - Wendell Foster, of course, gets the other half. What makes this 50/50 raffle so special is that tickets are only $1 each. That's insane! Tickets will be sold up until 11:59pm on Thursday, December 10th, and the raffle winner will be announced on Friday, December 11th. As of this writing, the jackpot is just shy of $20,000. Visit to learn more about this great organization and to purchase a whole bunch of tickets. And again, please take a listen to my conversation with Doug Hoyt below.

Doug Hoyt - CEO of Wendell Foster

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