Clues are still being sought in a horrific suicide attempt that took place at a Home Depot in California. An off-duty fire captain is being credited with saving the man's life

Fire Capt. Art Hurtado was shopping at the home improvement store. He arrived at the store just as police did, and followed them in to the store. After announcing he was a trained paramedic, he began using items in the store to stop the man from bleeding out.

(Be forewarned the details are graphic) The man, whose name isn't being released, apparently cut one arm down to the bone. He had started on the other while on-lookers screamed while they watched the scene unfold.

Paramedics soon arrived and took over, but credited the fast action for saving the man's life. Surgery was performed and the arms were reattached. But it is unclear if severed arteries will set.

The incident is currently being investigated as a attempted suicide.