In case you aren't aware, Instagram is a smart phone app that allows users to turn their High Definition pictures in to the Lo-Fi "Olan Mills" masterpieces that decorate living rooms across this country. Combine that with some Nickelback, and you've got a parody on "Weird Al" levels. 

Collegehumor decided to poke fun at people who have to take a picture of EVERYTHING, and post it on Instagram. Food, body parts, buildings, cats, kids, etc... nothing escapes the magic of Instagram.

They used Nickelback's hit "Photograph" and slightly altered the lyrics. However the auto-tune is dead on, they sound exactly like Chad Kroeger (can I also mention that I can't show anyone a photo with out singing "Look at this photograph". Thanks Chad).

Check out the video below, and tell me your biggest photo annoyance on the internet. Food pics, cat pics, too little cleavage pics, let me know below!

Video is NSFW, due to language (so put some headphones on before the boss comes by).