Change is never easy. If it was, things would change all the time (hopefully for the better). Sometimes those changes are big, like a change in ideology. Sometimes they're small, like changing a process to make it more efficient. Whatever type of change it is, it also takes time to implement, which often leads to inconveniences for people they may find difficult to handle, because we're human and we're stubborn. Once we have something figured out, we want it to stay that way forever because we know how to handle it when we have to deal with it again. Take, for example, a trip to the store. Once you've been to a particular store time and time again, you learn the layout, making it easier to find what you need each time you go. That is until the store decides to do a little rearranging, which is what customers at Walmart in Newburgh have been dealing with for the past few weeks, and continue to deal with as the store undergoes a renovation.

As someone who lives in Newburgh, and is the person who handles the weekly grocery shopping for my family, I have personal experience with this particular case, and I will agree the last several trips have been frustrating as the things I'm looking for have been moved to a different location to accommodate for the renovation. I'm not losing my mind over it and decrying Walmart like it's hell on earth as some of my fellow residents on Facebook have, but I'll admit, like the meme about adulthood suggests, I have found myself getting aggravated at times.

Side note: If everyone hates Walmart as much as they say they do, why are there always so many people there? Another thought for another time, perhaps.

If you're not familiar with the layout, the grocery section is in the left wing of the store, while men's and women's apparel, home goods, and the pharmacy are in the center. Sporting goods, automotive, and lawn and garden are in the right wing, while electronics and home improvement are in the back. The left, right, and back have all remained largely untouched. It's the center that's causing all the frustration. Personal hygiene products (toothpaste, soap, shampoo, over-the-counter meds, etc.) used to be in front of the pharmacy. Now they're in the right wing. The clothing department has been rearranged with new racks being placed right down the middle of the wide aisle that separated the men's section from the women's underwear and shoe section, making it a bit of a tight squeeze to push a cart through.  Kitchen items largely remain in the same area, but the aisles have been rearranged. Utensils aren't where they used to be, and pots, pans, and kitchen appliances have all been moved too. It's not ideal at the moment, but there is a reason for it.

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The Reason Behind the Renovation

Between the two Evansville locations and the Boonville location, the Newburgh Walmart was the only one to have the pharmacy sit in the middle of the store near the grocery department. That will no longer be the case. Like those other locations, a new pharmacy is being built that will move it to the front of the store right by the entrance to the non-grocery side, which explains why the over-the-counter medicine, vitamins, and personal hygiene products have been moved there. What will take the place of the old pharmacy is unknown. On my most recent trip, I noticed some of the alcohol and the two to three snack aisles had been moved to that area, so maybe they're opening up the grocery department a bit.

Additionally, the store has removed quite a few of the cashier-staffed checkout lanes and replaced them with self-checkout stations. A concept they began testing in 2020, and seem to be slowly implementing here. The installation of the self-checkouts has led to the candy and magazine racks at each lane being moved as well.

Don't Be a Bully

In one of the Newburgh Facebook groups I belong to, a discussion was being had about the changes happening at Walmart, and someone who works there chimed in. They said, and I quote,

...WE HATE It as much as you guys do!! Not knowing where things are for customers, or ourselves, is so annoying! BUT, we have no control over it, so please do NOT take your anger or frustration out on us for it. I get yelled at daily, and would just like to remind you all we have no control over it.

In short, be nice.

Change is Inevitable

Change is going to happen whether we like it or not. And while it may be slightly inconvenient for us now, the time will come when we all get used to whatever the new layout at Newburgh Walmart will be. Maybe it will be better than it was before, but until we know for sure, we'll just need to be patient.

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