The first flick "American Pie" was a huge hit and the voice of a generation (that might be a bit dramatic). Who knows if we would ever know what a MILF was without that movie. Well, the whole cast is back for the fourth installment "American Reunion".

So, we know that the first film is a debate there. The second film, "American Pie 2" even provided some was decent. But I think the franchise fell short with the third film "American Wedding". It just seemed a bit tired...and half of the original cast was absent. Well now all the main characters from the first film are back, and if this trailer is any indication, this movie looks like it will be more like the original.

I don't think there is anything NSFW about this trailer, but I can understand why they give it a red-band label. I laughed out loud...quite a bit. I hope you do too. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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