Mike Epps is one of many popular celebrities that were born in Indiana - but, unlike many of his peers who have moved away, Mike has always remained a proud Hoosier. He is not shy about his love for Indianapolis, and he continues to find ways to give back to his community. Mike just announced some big news - he is producing a new film which will take place in Indianapolis.

What We Know About the Movie

We know that the movie is called TAINTED, and Epps will serve as Executive Producer. It will be directed by another Indianapolis native, a young filmmaker named Tommy Smalls. TAINTED is based on Tommy's own experiences in Naptown - it "tackles important issues such as men’s mental health and conflict resolution, emphasizing the need for open communication between fathers and sons."

Here's what else we know, according to BlackIndyLive.com...

This community-driven project will predominantly feature actors, artists, and film crews from the Indianapolis area. It provides a platform for both established actors and emerging talents, offering them an opportunity to showcase their skills and make their onscreen debuts.

I told you that Mike is all about giving back to the community. If employing a bunch of folks from Indianapolis for the film's crew wasn't even for you - see how you feel about this...

The film’s profits will be distributed equitably among the production crew, ensuring that each member has a stake in the project’s success. Furthermore, a portion of the proceeds will be allocated to performing arts education programs for children and teens in Indianapolis, fostering artistic growth and opportunities for the city’s youth.

Heads up - this video clip includes a fair amount of NSFW language...

You may not be a fan of Mike's standup comedy or his movies (I think he's hilarious, though), but it's pretty hard not to like a guy who works so hard to make his hometown a better place.

TAINTED was scheduled to begin production in April (2023) at various locations around Indianapolis. There is still no word about any kind of release date.

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