Evansville newest restaurant has, perhaps, the most unique decor in town. Locally owned Twisted 2Mato Pizza Co. (the new sister-store to the north side's Twisted Tomato) wanted to show some love to both west side high schools. So they split the building right down the middle, both inside and out.


One side, decked out in navy and grey, is all about the Reitz Panthers...the other side, a bright yellow and red, pays homage to the Mater Dei Wildcats. Memorabilia from both schools are proudly displayed. Both sides feature a chalk wall so diners can add their own thoughts and decorations.

The decorations may get you in the door, but I promise the food will keep you coming back again and again! The G family was invited to the soft opening where we tried several different items. We dug it so much we came back the very next night, on their grand opening, to get more grub!

  • Pizza: a bunch of great specialty pies, or you can always create your own!
  • Sandwiches: Delicious favorites including a strom, ham & cheese, BBQ. The Alfredo Chicken Carbonara was a hit with my daughter.
  • Appetizers: You can't go wrong with cheesy bread, right? You HAVE to try their garlic cheese bread! And I could eat anything dipped in their yummy nacho cheese sauce!

Twisted 2Mato Pizza Co. is located at 1101 Harmony Way, right across from the Hilltop Inn.

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