Nascar.  I'm not the biggest fan in the world of the sport but I understand it's immense popularity.  If you lined up five dudes and one of them was Kyle Busch, I would have a one in five chance of guessing correctly.  It's not my bag...I'm not Riki Rachtman.  Cheap plug here.

However, I do understand the logistics of a large amount of people descending on a rural part of Kentucky (Sparta) and the traffic snarl that comes with it.  Apparently the folks at the Kentucky Speedway, who were hosting their first ever Nascar event, didn't take into account all the cars and the parking that would be required for the fans to watch other cars race.  It was a nightmare.  Did you go and/or what was your impression of the fiasco? Obviously, improvements and some more planning (and parking spots) are going to be priority #1 for next year.

News report from WLKY out of Louisville can be found here.  Stingy newsfolk wouldn't let me embed their video.