Every year, studies rank driving skills based on metrics like drunk driving and unlicensed drivers. However, these data-driven approaches often overlook the perspectives of those who spend the most time on the road. Gunther VW Delray took a unique approach, diving into the experiences of roadtrippers to uncover where America's best and worst drivers reside.

"Roadtrippers' experiences and stories paint a vivid picture of America's driving landscape, both the good and the challenging. Our aim was to go beyond the numbers and understand what driving feels like on American roads. It's a reminder that driving isn't just about skill, but also about culture, respect, and shared responsibility" says Joseph Gunther IV of Gunther VW Delray

An Alternative View on Driving

Roadtrippers often travel through multiple states, experiencing many different driving cultures and countless driving situations. Their insights, often absent in traditional studies, provide an alternative perspective on driving behaviors across the US. Gunther VW Delray surveyed 3,000 roadtrippers, asking them to rate drivers' skills in each state on a 1-10 scale. The results were intriguing.

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Worst of the Worst

America's worst drivers were found in Alabama. With a low score of 5.7/10 (compared to the national average of 6.7), driving in Alabama is an adventure. Study participants claim "tailgaters reminiscent of NASCAR, speedsters treating signs as decorations, and jaw-dropping road escapades" characterize the state's highways. While Alabama's landscapes offer beauty, its drivers provide tales of wild road encounters.


Indiana Fares Surprisingly Well

Indiana's drivers excel, scoring 6.9/10, just above the national average. Their driving culture mirrors the state's pragmatism. From the bustling big city of Indianapolis to the more rural two-lane highways, Indiana offers a balance between speed and sensibility. Hoosiers prioritize steady, safe driving made evident in their reported consistent speeds and courteous merging. With unpredictable weather throughout the state, Indiana drivers are adept at adaptability.

A Refreshing Perspective

The Road Royalty to Racing Rebels survey offers an alternative to data-centric rankings. Indiana's Hoosier drivers achieved an impressive 6.9/10, showcasing their excellence. With safety-conscious and steady driving, Hoosiers secure their spot among America's best drivers. When embarking on cross-country road trips, anticipate a peaceful driving experience in the Hoosier state.

First Hand Experience

While conventional studies focus on statistics, the Road Royalty to Racing Rebels survey highlights the importance of firsthand experiences. Indiana's Hoosier drivers shine as exemplary road navigators, in stark contrast to Alabama's more adventurous driving culture. As roadtrippers share their tales, a comprehensive view of America's driving landscape emerges, offering valuable insights beyond mere numbers.

[Source: Gunther VW Delray]

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