The Dirt was one of the most popular music-based movies of 2019. The soundtrack, full of Motley Crue songs old and new, has been nominated for the Top Soundtrack category of the 2020 Billboard Music Awards — and it's up against three Disney movie soundtracks.

The 2020 Billboard Music Awards focus on the charts from March 23, 2019 through March 14 of this year. In addition to The Dirt, the soundtracks for Aladdin (2019), Descendants 3, Frozen II and Melanie Martinez's musical horror film K-12 are contenders for the Top Soundtrack of that period.

A few months prior to the release of the Netflix film, Motley Crue got together in the studio and recorded four new songs for the soundtrack — "The Dirt," "Ride With the Devil," "Crash and Burn" and a cover of Madonna's "Like a Virgin." The rest of the soundtrack is full of career-spanning Crue cuts from their albums Too Fast for Love, Shout at the Devil, Theatre of Pain, Girls, Girls, Girls and Dr. Feelgood. The soundtrack peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard 200 in April of 2019.

Machine Gun Kelly, who portrayed Tommy Lee in The Dirt, has been nominated for Top Rock Song in the awards for "I Think I'm Okay" with Yungblud and Travis BarkerSlipknot, Tool and Metallica have also been selected for different categories of the 2020 Billboard Music Awards. See the full list of runners here.

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