Being a rocker chick myself, I've gotta give props to the chicks in the rock scene that actually rock.  The band Misstallica, is an all girl Metallica cover band.

Yep, you read that right.  Misstallica is an all girl Metallica cover band.  And they definitely do Metallicaproud. Hailing from Philadelphia Pennsylvania these four chicks can really throw down some Metallica.

I'm a huge Metallica fan, in fact they're one of my all time favorites, and I usually am not big on the cover band thing, but I have to give credit when chicks get up and just rock it out and can run with the best of the guys.  Us rocker chicks have to stick together!

I found this  New York Times article about them check it out here, and also read the partnering article about another rockin' all chick band Lez Zeppelin (Take a wild guess at who that all chick band is covering!).

Watch this video of  Misstallica playing Master Of Puppets