On the eve of the biggest football game of the year, we'll probably see a lot of footage of the big game from past years. Its crazy to see how much the at-home experience has changed over the years, and Microsoft is giving a preview of whats to come.

CES, which is a huge annual electronics expo, took place in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. Microsoft previewed their new product, the HoloLens, which may change how you watch the NFL in the future.

The HoloLens isn't in the same category as virtual reality devices. Instead its part of an emerging technology called "augmented reality". Basically it will turn your living room, man cave, game room, etc. in to part of your TV screen.

Who wouldn't want that dancing NFL on Fox robot in their living room? In the demo video, you can see just how watching football will change in the future. Real time fantasy football stats, replays, game information, and more!

And before you think we are still a long way from having this technology, check out this ad campaign ran by AT&T back in 1993. Sure you haven't "tucked your baby in from a phone booth" (can you still find a phonebooth), but I'll trade that for carrying my entire music collection in my pocket.

Check out the NFL demo for the HoloLens below!

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