Smells Like Teen Spirit Played On Floppy Disk Readers
Let's start this off with a moment of silence for the Floppy Disk (or as this kids would call it "a 3D version of the Save Icon"). The readers have disappeared from computers in the last decade, and the only entity using the disks seems to be the US Government.
Will This New Cadillac Ever Make It to Evansville?
The chances of this robo-luxury vehicle ever finding its way into mass production anytime in the near future are slim. But perhaps the engineering behind the Cadillac World Thorium Fuel Concept is simply ahead of its time and will one day be commonplace throughout the automotive industry.
Humvee Shows Off New Airless Tires
What WILL they think of next? First it was the cordless phone...then is was a remote control for your TV...then it was a pool that goes IN the ground. And now, tires don't even need air. Next thing you know, you'll be able to carry your computer around with you, and use it on the top …
radioPup Mobile App Now Available for Android
radioPup, the only mobile app that lets you to listen to 103GBF, is now available for Android users! Starting now, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android users can listen to the river city rocker anytime, anywhere, for free.
You can download radioPup and learn more about the app on our mobile app page ...